How to Download Peak Trough Analysis Tool

When I released the book: “Scientific Guide To Price Action and Pattern Trading”, I have also released the Peak Trough Analysis tool together for many important reasons. Understanding how peak trough analysis works for your trading is the most basic but essential skill for price action and pattern trading. Good price action and pattern trader should never miss the good hands on training around peak trough analysis. As it was outlined in this book, peak trough analysis is the particular transformation method for Equilibrium Fractal Wave analysis (i.e. Trend + Fractal Wave analysis). Loosely speaking, it is the counter part of Fourier transformation in Cycle analysis. With peak trough analysis and by extending it to more advanced level, you can extract both the scientific evidence of repeating patterns and meaningful profits from the market.

In the book: “Scientific Guide To Price Action and Pattern Trading”, peak trough analysis was used as the introductory method to explain the advanced trading strategies. Hence, take the guide in this book to get the hands on experience of trading with peak trough analysis first. As you understand how to apply peak trough analysis in your trading, you can understand better with the working mechanism behind other advanced trading strategies, introduced in this book, like Elliott Wave Patterns, Harmonic Patterns, Price Breakout Patterns, and EFW Channels.

Here, I provide three places you can download the Peak Trough Analysis, developed by myself. Do not worry about the cost of Peak Trough Analysis tool. It is free of charge for everyone. Even if you have not read this book yet, you can still download and use this Peak Trough Analysis indicator. If you are thinking to start on price action trading, then peak trough analysis would be the first resource for your trading. Especially, the chapter 12: “Peak Trough Transformation to visualize Equilibrium Fractal wave” will provide the first guide around peak trough analysis. Then you will use this first guide to understand advanced trading strategies introduced in the 2nd Part of this book (i.e. Price Action and Pattern Trading).

1)  MetaTrader 4 Version of Peak Trough Analysis

2)  MetaTrader 5 Version of Peak Trough Analysis

3)  Peak Trough Analysis from

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