Excessive Momentum Indicator New Version 10.1 Released

Here is some great news. We have finally managed to release Excessive Momentum indicator version 10.1. We have made through changes in the algorithm. Hence, its appearance and usage are now different from old version. We made a lot of good improvement.

Here is what was changed.

  1. Excessive Momentum is detected directly without phases. This makes your trading much simpler.
  2. We have added Automatic Fibonacci Retracement when excessive momentum is detected. Now, you can gauge potential market reversal with the provided automatic Fibonacci Retracement.

What is not changed ? You can still use excessive momentum together with your harmonic pattern, Elliott wave patterns and volume spread analysis indicator.

Overall, it is now much simpler to trade with but with more benefits for your trading. The best way to understand is to visit the product page. We have added new product description + new screenshots.

Please download Version 10.1 for the maximum trading performance.

Excessive Momentum Indicator for MetaTrader 4 product page


Excessive Momentum Indicator for MetaTrader 5 product page


Excessive Momentum Indicator for algotrading-investment.com product page


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