Price Breakout Pattern Scanner and Smart Renko

Our Price breakout pattern scanner is very unique tool in the market because this pattern scanner have built in feature for Smart Renko inside. Before using the Renko Feature, let us cover what is renko chart first in Forex and Stock market context.

Renko chart is the popular visualization technique, which does not use the fixed time interval. The charting principle of the Renko Chart is quite different from the rest. For example, Renko chart is constructed by drawing bricks of fixed height in series. To illustrate the idea, if the price moved up by 5 points from the top of brick, then we will draw one white up brick. Likewise, if the price moved down by 5 points from the bottom of the brick, then we will draw one black down brick. The brick will be drawn either on the top or on the bottom of the other brick always.

Consider what happens when we transform about 100 candlesticks into Renko bricks with height of 20 pips in EURUSD 1 hour chart. As you can guess, Renko bricks are much more concise and 100 candlesticks was transformed into only 52 Renko bricks. During this transformation, we are losing time information of our candlestick chart. Another important point you can observe here is that the Renko chart provide much smoother and readable visualization representation of trend. This is because the equal height of Renko brick reduces a lot of noise present in candlestick chart. With Renko Brick chart, it is much easier to identify trend and reversal patterns.

There are some drawbacks in Renko chart too. Because Renko chart lose all time information from our candlestick chart, you are no longer able to compare your normal candlestick chart to your Renko chart. In addition, unlike the candlestick chart, you have to select the sensible height of brick. Since there are many benefits using Renko chart, some traders are never worried about these disadvantages. Overall, Renko chart provide quite a lot of features which other chart does not provide.

Smart Renko is really helpful for any pattern detection in the separate window. So they will reinforce your trading decision. Imagine that in the candlestick chart, Price Breakout Pattern Scanner is automatically detecting the patterns for you. In the indicator window, you can also detect any other important patterns readily. If you can collect evidence for your trading from both candlestick chart and renko chart, you can make very powerful trading decision.

Let us show how to switch on and off the Smart Renko chart from your price breakout pattern Scanner. Before you are using Smart Renko feature enabled, you might download sufficient history in your chart first. Once you have done it, set Use “Smart Renko = true” from your indicator setting. See the screenshots for your better understanding. Some of our customer know that there is great way of trading with Price breakout pattern scanner and our Harmonic Pattern Plus (or Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner or Profitable Pattern Scanner).

Here are the links for the Price Breakout Pattern Scanner for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platform.

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