Fractal Pattern Indicator Version 11.6 Released

As we have mentioned in our last post, we are working on the updates on many of our products recently. This involves adding the improved features to our products.

Fractal pattern Indicator is one of the product we have just released new update. New update is version 11.6.

In Version 11.6, we have added capability of detecting Superimposed Fibonacci Levels. Superimposed Fibonacci Levels are those levels that Fibonacci level of small and large cycles are overlapping. Typically we can observe high volatility around this level. When condition met, this superimposed level can be good breakout or reversal level for your trading.

Please check the screenshot attached.  For your  information, S: 2 is short for Superimposed Level: 2. This means that there are two Fibonacci levels are overlapping at the same price from small and large cycles. These levels are important to watch out because price typically increase volatility around this level.

Here is the landing page to our Fractal Pattern Indicator.

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