EFW Pattern Trader

EFW Pattern Trader is a Powerful Pattern Scanner for your trading. The main pattern detection methods in the EFW Pattern Trader follows the principle of Equilibrium Fractal Wave (EFW Notation using shape ratio and propagation ratio, original concept created by Young Ho, Seo). Therefore, our EFW Pattern Trader provide you the unique pattern detection algorithm from the rest of the products in the market. Any patterns in EFW Pattern Trader can be backtested visually in your strategy tester. Visual backtesting with pattern will show you how pattern will likely behave in you live trading. Therefore, you can build full rational and confidence before your trading. Each pattern will generate different performance for different market. Therefore, run each pattern in your strategy tester and then choose which patterns you want to trade for the specific currency pairs to maximize your profit. Of course, you can trade multiple patterns for single currency pairs. You can use sound alert, push notification and email (Push notification is preferred way for remote signal.). After backtesting, to synchronize your backtesting results to your live accounts, use EFE Pattern Trader for your live trading only.

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