New Video Released – Trading with Fractal Wave and Stochastic Cycles (Fractal Pattern Indicator)

You can apply the logic to the case of Support, Resistance, Falling Wedge pattern, and Rising Wedge pattern. You can use all these approaches to extend the ability to detect geometric regularity. Combining the statistical regularity and geometric regularity completes the technical version of the Geometric prediction. To complete the prediction, we also recommend adding your knowledge on the market and fundamental analysis behind the financial instrument (i.e. knowledge around the object) during the decision-making. This would provide the most complete and accurate form of the market prediction fulfilling all the essential parts of the Geometric Prediction.

We have the YouTube Video to explain the trading strategy with Fractal Wave and Stochastic Cycles. Here is the video link on YouTube.


Plus read the dedicated article to use the Fractal Pattern Indicator more efficiently.

Below is the download link for Fractal Pattern Indicator.

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