Free Downloads for Trading and Investment Application

In this Free Download page, you can access to some of free tools. You are totally free to download, to use and to share these tools. This download list is not the complete list of our free tools. You can also get our Free Products from our Product Page. In the product page, just click Free button on top of the page to see only free products.

Peak Trough Analysis Tool

This tool is useful for your Elliott Wave Counting. As we have introduced, you can use the Peak Trough Analysis tool for the template and pattern approach towards your Elliott Wave counting. The template and pattern approach will never disappoint you for your scientific Elliott Wave Counting.

Tick Chart for Meta Trader 4

We have developed this tick chart for some high frequency traders. We do not know if this tool is suitable for everyone. But you can use this tick chart tool at your own risk.

World Trading Hour Indicator

When you are trading, you must check what other market is opening. You need to check the trading hours of some big markets like New York, Tokyo, London, shanghai, etc. Use this free tool to enhance your trading performance. This is extremely useful trading utility.

Elliott Wave Trend Reader

With Elliott Wave Trend Reader, you can load Elliott Wave Counting from other Elliott Wave Technician or your Friend who using Elliott Wave Trend. Beside, you can also use it for some basic Elliott wave analysis with our Peak Trough Analysis indicator.

Trading Investment Helper

Trading Investment Helper is a free application designed to enhance your trading experience.