Dealing with Symbol Suffix in Account Copier Series

Our Account Copier series was updated to version 10.8 on 30 March 2018. In version 10.8, you can either remove or add the postfix of your symbols. You can deal with any suffix or postfix cases with our account copier. Here are simple explanation.

1. Symbol Suffix in Sender EA is there to remove the suffix from the symbol. For example, Symbol Suffix = .m    will remove .m from EURUSD.m. Therefore, receiver will receive EURUSD instead of EURUSD.m.

2. Symbol Suffix in Receiver EA is there to add the suffix from the symbol. Symbol Suffix = .m will add .m to EURUSD. Therefore, the final copying symbol become EURUSD.m.

In overall, if your sender EA have EURUSD.m but your receiver EA have To deal with different symbol suffix, firstly set Symbol Suffix to be removed in Sender EA to .m. Now receiver will receive EURUSD, then set Symbol Suffix to be added in Receiver EA to .mini. Then Receiver EA will add .mini to EURUSD. So the final copying symbol will become

The same logic can be applied for all our Account Copier Series. In addition, our Account Copier have the automatic lot scaling features so you can just use default setting with most of time. When you set ManualLotMultiplier = 0.0, then Account copier will be operated with automatic lot scalling feature. However, please make the sender EA and Receiver EA have the same currency. If not, you will get warning. For example, you can not use automatic lot scalling features for Sender Terminal with Japnaese Yen and for Receiver Terminal with US Dollar. In that case, just use manual lot multiplier.

Here are the links for our account copier.

Account Copier MT4 to MT4:

Account Copier MT5 Hedge to MT4:

Account Copier MT4 to MT5 Hedge

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