Correlation Insight Heat Map

In general, Heat Map of the Financial market can bring you the extra ordinary information for your trading. It is because of the fact that Heat Map utilizes the information from the multiple of financial instruments. It gives you the unbiased but rich insight for the current and future market direction beyond your imagination. However, such a rich features can be limited in classic 2D Heat Map because you do not know how the current directional strength is compared to the past directional strength. For the fully confident trading, we provide the feature-rich 3D Heat Map with combined correlation analysis in our Correlation Insight Heat Map. Our Correlaiton Insight Heat Map combines the power of 3D Heat Map with correlation analysis features for your advanced trading. Trade with winner for better profit always with our Correlation Insight Heat Map. For free version of Correlation Insight heat map, just download it from this link (No signup is required):


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