Introduction to Sideways Market Statistical Analyzer

Notable period of Low volatility and non-trending movements in the financial market is considered as Sideways Market. Sooner or later, the low volatility will increase and the price will pick up a trend after Sideways Market. In terms of trading point of view, Sideways Market can serve as the very good entry timing for traders. Sideways Market is also quite often the representation of accumulation of large orders from big investors. Therefore, knowing the presence of Sideways Market can help you to decide good entry and exit timing.

Here we have very accurate Sideways Market Analyzer inspired from the statistical theory. This Sideways Market Statistical Analyzer can detect Sideways Market just like human eyes can do. In addition, this Sideways Market Statistical Analyzer will immediately provide the expected trading outcome when you trade with the detected Sideways Market. Therefore, you will know how much profits/loss you should expect when you trade with the detected Sideways Market.

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