Trade with Regularity in the Financial Market

We trade or we can trade because there are regularities in the financial market. What exactly this means to our trading and investment ? It means that no one will trade if the market was totally random. We are always looking for the regularity that is repeating over time whether it is called a trend, cycle, seasonality or fractal wave. Our profit is merely materialization of these regularities in the financial market. We materialize them using our trading strategy. Hence, understanding the important regularities can bring the profit opportunity in the financial market. However, how to organize or how to visualize the different types of regularity existing in the financial market ? Here is one efficient way to organize the most important five regularities in the financial market that you should know for your trading and investment. Full details about the five regularities can be found in the book “Scientific Guide to Price Action and Pattern Trading”. In the book we reveals the trading ideas, strategy and practice to create the profit opportunity in the financial market.

Among the five regularities, Fractal Wave is the most sophisticated regularity that combines the other four regularities. Then now, you might ask a question like “how can we understand this Fractal Wave ?” You have the right question indeed. To understand any concept, the first thing we need to do is to visualize them. Since we want to use this Fractal Wave for our trading, the best practice is to visualize them in the Forex and Stock chart. In the book, we explained the process as the Peak Trough Analysis. The Peak Trough Analysis can help you to visualize the Fractal Wave for Forex and Stock data. Once, you visualized the Fractal Wave using the Peak Trough Analysis, we can create practical trading strategy, technical analysis and technical indicator needed to predict the financial market. This can include Support, Resistance, Fibonacci Analysis, Harmonic Pattern, Elliott Wave, X3 Chart Pattern, Supply Demand Analysis and so on.

Scientific Guide to Price Action and Pattern Trading (2017):

You can also have a look at the Technical Indicator, Chart Pattern Scanner, Harmonic Pattern Indicator and Elliott Wave Counting Tool, Fractal Wave Analytics, Support Resistance Indicator, Supply Demand Analysis and so on, created based on the market prediction principle using Fractal Wave Theory. These tool created by us will help you to identify the profitable opportunity for Forex and Stock Trading.

Trade with Regularity in Forex and Stock

Trade with Regularity in Forex and Stock

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