X3 Gartley Pattern

Gartley Pattern is one of the oldest Pattern used by the pattern trader. It was known that the origin of this pattern was page 222 in the Book: Profits in the Stock Market (H.M. Gartley). Probably Gartley Pattern is the most popular pattern used by trader now. We use X3 Pattern framework to test this Gartley Pattern for scientific comparison with other patterns. For your information, Gartley Pattern is turning point pattern. You will trade at its turning point. For entry and exit, you can use Pattern Completion Interval, Potential Continuation Zone and Potential Reversal Zone in combination with your favorite secondary confirmation.

This testing result shows the performance of the pattern without any secondary confirmation used over five different instruments. We have done this to give you some idea which patterns are better than the other patterns. However, when you are trading with this pattern, any experience trader will recommend you to use together with secondary confirmation technique. Further information about testing result can be found here: https://algotrading-investment.com/2019/01/31/testing-results-for-patterns/

Total Trades 279
Average Total Trades per Instrument 55.8
Average Win Trades 23.8
Average Loss Trades 32
Average Success Rate 42.82%
Average Take Profit 3.8
Average Stop Loss 1.8
Average Breakeven win Rate 30.90%
Average 5% Commission Adj Profit per 10 dollar $3.61
Average 10% Commission Adj Profit per 10 dollar $3.11

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