Price Action and Pattern Trading

Price Action, Price Pattern, and Chart Pattern are the direct price analysis used by many top trader in Forex and Stock market. After the intensive research in Forex and Stock market, we found the most powerful weapon is our own intuition or something close to our own intuition. We have ability to detect the risk and profitable opportunity and we are born with this ability naturally. Some people found the ways to transfer this ability for trading and investment. Some people still not have found the ways to use them yet for trading and investment. So what is this ability exactly ? or How to describe this ability in detail ? So you can understand and have some clue about the profitable trading. After removing all the technical language, if we have to say it one word, it is the human’s ability to interpret the geometry of the price. We are naturally born with the ability to recognize or to interpret the geometric pattern like a triangle, circle, squre, rectangle and so on. People often use this ability to interpret the geometry voluntarily and involuntarily to sense the risk and opportunity in our life. It is the same that a successful trader knows how to apply this ability in trading and investment.

Price Action, Price Pattern, and Chart Pattern are the technical language that transfer the ability to interpret the geometry in the financial trading. In another words, Price Action, Price Pattern, and Chart Pattern are the technical analysis that predict the financial market using the geometric pattern. Hence, technically, the price action and pattern trading is based on the pattern recognition ability, which is possessed by all human being. Pattern recognition is the most accurate weapon we have. We use them every day in our life. We use it to find out our friends, lover, enemy, good house, bad house, and so on. For forex and stock trading, this is also the precious weapon to select good stocks and bad stocks to trade. It is also used to predict potential bullish and bearish trend as well as to predict the turning point. Price patterns in charts are aligned with your intuition for your trading. Fortunately, we have made many trials and errors of using this price action, price pattern, and chart pattern in the market to find out the best practical application. Here is one secret of best trading practice.

The very essence of best trading practice come down to the words, “superimposed pattern”. That is to say, that you make trading decision based on multiple of patterns aligned in chart to get the highest accuracy as possible (=superimposed pattern trading). This follows the typical wisdom taught in many trading schools and textbooks, “trade with multiple evidences”.

Geometry and patterns are not rocket science.  Anyone can understand and use them for your trading. Some example of superimposed pattern trading principle and some recipes are introduced in my book.

At the same time, Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner is an excellent geometric pattern regognition tool that can predict the bullish and bearish turning point. Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner is available in both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platform.

Here is the great range of technical analysis package for your Price Action and Pattern Trading. We have developed many years to increase your trading performance. These technical analysis tools include the technical indicator, inter-market analysis tools and pattern scanner making the best use of Support, Resistance, Fibonacci Analysis, Harmonic Pattern, Elliott Wave, Supply Demand Analysis, Volume Spread Analysis and Market Volatility.

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