How to use Free Correlation Ranking Heat Map

Correlation Ranking Heat Map is the powerful currency strength meter among its kind (or stock strength meter if it is applied to stock). We will explain how to use Free Correlation Ranking Heat Map as brief as possible. Free version is really free and any one can use. No hidden cost, No credit card details and No personal information are required to use this free tool for your live trading.

Step 1

Download the Free Correlation Ranking Heat Map one of below links. You will  be downloading the zip file named Trading Investment Helper with around 2 MB (light weight.).

Step 2

Unzip (decompress) Trading Investment Helper file. You can unzip Any where in your hard drive. Just do not let your anti virus software interrupt Trading Investment Helper if there is any interruption.

Step 3

Run TradingInvestmentHelper.exe file. Go to Heat Map Setting. In the Heat Map setting, just click Start button. That is all you need. Now you will get the stream of data into your Trading Investment Helper. You will be see following information.

  1. Current bullish and bearish trend of overall market across all symbols and all timeframe
  2. Currency Strength of specific symbols at your interest across all timeframe.
  3. Currency Strength of specific symbols + highly correlated symbols
  4. Plus many more useful insight about markets (find out by yourself.)

For your information, myself and many of our customers are using this Correlation Ranking Heat Map every day. I am sure you will need this one too for your winning trading. For your information, the free version is really free and it can use up to 70% of all the features of paid version.

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