Japanese CandleStick Pattern Control in Price Breakout Pattern Scanner

Japanese candle stick patterns are built in feature inside Price Breakout Pattern Scanner. This is kind of bonus feature for customers  who are buying our Price Breakout Pattern Scanner.

In Japanese candlestick inputs, you can switch on and off Candlestick pattern according to their type. For example, there are Japanese candlestick pattern made up from one candle bar, two candle bar, three candle bar, etc. You can switch on and off each according to your preference.

As a default setting, Pattern Name will be printed in chart. At the same time, you can bring your mouse over to each Japanese candlestick pattern to float pattern name in tool tip box (MT5 is more responsive than MT4 for this tool tip box) Alternatively, you can also change the angle of pattern name from horizontal to vertical or vice versa depending on your readability.

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