MT4 Elliott Wave Indicator

Elliott Wave Indicator is an automated software to assist Elliott Wave counting or Elliott Wave pattern detection for the financial trader in Forex and Stock market. For Elliott Wave Trader, it is necessary to have a good Elliott Wave tools for your trading. It is because Elliott Wave theory is not easy to be completed manually. However, once you understand its trading principle, Elliott Wave indicator can advance your trading performance pretty fast. Elliott Wave indicator can provide the great approach to solve the geometric puzzle in the forex and stock market. We provide two Elliott Wave tools in MetaTrader 4 platform. Elliott wave theory is nearly 100 years old trading strategy. However, it is still actively used by many professional traders from all over the world. We provide MT4 version of Elliott Wave indicator for your professional trading.

1. MT4 – Elliott Wave Trend

Elliott Wave Trend is the professional Elliott wave indicator which was released around 2016. This one allow you to perform Elliott wave counting as well as Elliott wave pattern detection. On top of them, it provides built in accurate support and resistance system to improve your trading performance. There are many other powerful features and it is best to visit product page to find out more about this great MT4 Elliott Wave indicator.

Here is the links to MT4 Elliott Wave Trend:

2. MT4 – X3 Chart Pattern Scanner

X3 Chart Pattern Scanner is not entirely Elliott Wave tool but it contains some Elliott Wave pattern features in it (it detects Harmonic Patterns, Elliott Wave Patterns, X3 Patterns). Primarily, X3 Chart Pattern Scanner is specialized tools in detecting Chart Patterns including Harmonic Pattern and Elliott Wave Patterns. It is great tool if you want to use both Harmonic Pattern and Elliott Wave patterns in one tool. In addition, the pattern detection algorithm inside X3 Chart Pattern Scanner is customizable using X3 price pattern notation shown in this link below:

Here is the link to X3 Chart Pattern Scanner

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