Trouble Shooting with Optimum Chart Starting problem

Optimum Chart is the straight forward application. For your information, Optimum Chart does not do any installation in your computer. What does this mean ? You can just start Optimum Chart from OptimumChart.exe file.

At the same time, it means that Optimum Chart is free from the system environment and registry access in your Window. Most of software frequently access to your system environment and registry. These are often the reasons for unwanted effect in your window like hanging and crashing, etc. Optimum Chart is safe from these type of unwanted behavior. 

However, it is possible that Optimum Chart can still have some problem during its start up. It is not common but it is still good to give you some tips on how to deal with any starting problem with Optimum Chart.

Here is the brief guide on how to start Optimum Chart. After you have downloaded file, you will decompress it to some place in your hard drive. To start Optimum Chart, you will run OptimumChart.exe, then it will lead to the Optimum Chart Start Window. For normal start up, you will click on “Start Optimum Chart” button.

If everything is OK, then it will lead to Optimum Chart User Interface. However, it is possible that you can have some problem before getting into Optimum Chart User Interface.

Case 1) License is not configured

If you are running Optimum Chart for first time, then you need to configure your license first. To do so, simple click on “User License” button. Then enter relevant information in your license page.

Case 2) DotNet Framework Compatibility Problem

If you are running Window XP or Window 7 or Window 8, you might not have the Dot Net Frame work 4.5 installed. At the moment, Optimum Chart is shipped with DotNet Framework 4.5. Hence you need to have this version of DotNet Framework installed in Window before using Optimum Chart.

Case 3) Any Other Start up Problem

If you are experience any other startup problem, there is a chance that you did not close Optimum Chart properly in your previous use. Hence, some files are held or some files might have been corrupted. There are some simple fixes on most of problems. I will list them in the order of easiness.

Fix 1) Open Task Manager and kill running OptimumChart.exe

First fix is that you need to kill all running instances of OptimumChart.exe in your window. To do so, find OptimumChart.exe in your Task Manager, then end the process.  After completely killed the OptimumChart.exe in your Task Manager, you can restart Optimum Chart. This might fix some of the start up problem.

Fix 2) Restart Window

Restarting your window will automatically kill any running instance of OptimumChart.exe. Hence this fix is very similar to Fix 1. If you want to kill the instance definitely, then this method is often better.

Fix 3) Remove Optimum Chart Folder and Redownload

When Fix 1 and Fix 2 does not work, this method is stronger solution for the startup problem. By Redownloading file, you are starting  the complete new Optimum Chart without any corrupted files. By the way, you can download from your account page. Before doing this Fix, make sure that to delete old Optimum Chart folder and file to avoid any confusion. Optimum Chart has less than 3 MB in its size. This operation should not take more than few minutes.

Of course, if Fix 1, Fix 2 and Fix 3 do not solve your problem, then contact us on

Below is the link to Optimum Chart.

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