Reasons Why Day Trading is So Popular

When people have grown up savings in their bank account, people will start to look for some investment opportunity. We know that saving account is just locking up your money in your bank. However, 10 years later, the money will not grow enough to catch up the actual living expense at that time. Hence, we are living up with investing. Choice of investing is everywhere from stock market, funds, property, real estate, running your own business, and investing to your friends and family.

Among available investment alternatives, Day Trading is probably popular options. Here are the few reasons why they are so popular.

1. Easy to cash up

Think about property or real estate investment.  How long it takes to sell or buy one. Even though you have the good ROI, still cashing them up is time-consuming process. In day trading, you can almost immediately cash out your position.

2. Start with little cash

With day trading, you can start up with relatively small cash comparing to other alternative investment. Buying house or running your own business will typically requires large sum of own money + borrowing money from your bank. With day trading, you can start with as much as you can afford.

3. Small Management Cost

When you are decided to run your own restaurant, this will not guarantee you the success. Say that you are successful with about 20% return on your investment yearly. This is good return for any restaurant owner probably. However, amount of management cost is high. You have to manage people, paper works, customers, recipes, your sales, etc. High management cost means headache for us. Day trading does not have much management cost. You just need to trade by yourself. Often skilled and disciplined day trader can readily break the 20% ROI or even 30%.

4. No discrimination

Market is fair to everyone. No gender or age matters in day trading. This means that once you are skilled in day trading, you can take it as your long running career.

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