New Version of Elliott Wave Trend is coming

You can consider Elliott Wave Trend as the most advanced Elliott Wave Trading system.

Including the provision of Wave Structural Score, it contains powerful automated and semi automated detection algorithm on followings

1) Ability to detect Elliott Wave .123, Elliott Wave .1234 and Elliott Wave .12345 patterns with Wave Structural Score

2) Turning point strength indicator providing you how probably to have the turning point in the near future.

3) Comprehensive tools  to count Elliott Wave of different shapes.

4) Automatic support and resistance to be used together with your Elliott Wave Counting.

Probably this is only short list but there are a lot more you can do with your trading. On top of these powerful capability, we are also planning to add few more features on our Elliott Wave Trend.

Hence, stay tuned for further news about new update news for our Elliott Wave Trend.

Here are the links for Elliott Wave Trend.

If you need more complete tutorial on this, visit this link:

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