Getting Probability in Price and Time from Fractal Pattern Indicator

Fractal Pattern Indicator is the first tool that helps you to measure the probability of turning point in price and time. In another words, you can predict the turning point using Fractal pattern indicator.

Probability is good because it is measurable and quantifiable for your trading. We added some description of this probability in our product page below. However, it might be better to have some more explanation on this.

In fact, you can access this probability information from both main window and indicator window as it is shown in the screenshot below. As you can see, the advantage of Fractal pattern indicator is that you have an access to three different Fractal cycles including small, medium and large. You have instant access to all the probability information of these cycles.

Once the probability information is laid out, you can tell how mature the current trend is in price and time. Hence, you can predict the next turning point.

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