Optimum Chart New Version is coming

Once again, we are making a lot of efforts to provide you the most advanced pattern recognition software for your forex and stock market trading.

In new version of Optimum Chart, we will be adding Fractal Moving Average Indicator. Hence, you can make use of both of Fractal pattern Indicator and Fractal Moving Average indicator together with Optimum Chart.

What is better with Optimum Chart ? In Optimum Chart, we provide you everything you need for your trading decision. Hence, one download, you have an access to everything.

  1. No Complex installation is required
  2. No third party platform is required
  3. No third party data feed or third party account is required
  4. No complex coding or building scripts are required (all button clicks only)

No headache of figuring out what is what.  Use it straight after your purchase (it is fully autonomous standalone product)

Here is the landing page to our Optimum Chart. In the new version, you can measure turning point probability together with Fractal Moving Average Indicator.


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