Version 2.3 for Fractal Moving Average Indicator Released – Free

We have released version 2.3 for Fractal Moving Average Indicator. In the new version, we have added Signal Processing Filter to filter out some of the bad moving average cross over (and down). However, if you are using Fractal Moving Average Indicator with Fractal Pattern Indicator together, then you do not need to use this Signal Process Filter.

It is because you already know which direction you need to trade with Fractal pattern indicator. Hence, this additional filter may be not necessary for Fractal Pattern Indicator. However, you are more than welcome to try different setting for your trading.

Please note that Fractal Moving Average indicator was never meant to be used on its own. Please use it with the recommended tools together.

Below is the download link for Fractal Moving Average Indicator.

Fractal Moving Average Indicator works best with Fractal Pattern Indicator because Fractal pattern Indicator provide you the turning probability in price and time. Below is the download link for Fractal Pattern Indicator.

For Optimum Chart users, please stay tuned because we are on the process of adding Fractal Moving Average indicator. Of course, Fractal pattern Indicator is already inside Optimum Chart. Hence, this is just added bonus.

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