New Book Coming- Predicting Forex and Stock Market with Fractal Pattern

This book provides you the powerful and brand new knowledge on predicting financial market that we have discovered in several years of own research and development work. This book will help you to turn your intuition into the scientific prediction method. In the course of recognizing many price patterns in the chart of Forex and Stock market, you should be realized that it was your intuition working at the background for you. The geometric prediction equation devised in this book will provide you the ultimate way to predict the financial market. It is simple and easy. What is even better is that this approach is aligned with your intuition.

Many of us had a mistake of viewing the financial market with deterministic cycle. Even though we knew that market would not land us such a simple prediction pattern, we never stop using the concept of deterministic cycle to predict them, for example, using Fourier transform. Why is that so? The reason is simply that no one presented an effective way of predicting stochastic cycle. Stochastic cycle is the true face of the financial market when many variables in the market are suppressing the correlation between price and time. So how we predict the stochastic cycle present in the financial market? We present the answer in this book. We show that the geometric prediction equation solves the stochastic cycle modelling problem together with fractal wave in the financial market. In another words, your intuition, more precisely your capability to recognize geometric shape, is more powerful than any other technical indicators available in the market. Hence, the geometric prediction would maximize your ability to predict the financial market.

Geometric prediction combines your ability to recognize the geometric regularity and statistical regularity from the chart in Forex and Stock market data. We provide how the powerful chart patterns are related to geometric regularity through your intuition. The chart patterns covered in this book include support, resistance, Fibonacci Price pattern, Harmonic Pattern, Falling Wedge pattern, Rising Wedge pattern. At the same time, we provide you how the turning point probability is related to statistical regularity. We show how the fractal wave can be understood using the relationship between mother waves and child waves. In this book, we demonstrate how to combine chart patterns with turning point probability to predict the financial market.

Stay tuned. This book will be available in in next couple of days. For a mean time, you can read this draft chapters from the link below.

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