Tips to load TechnicalAnalysis.xll file for Market Forecasting Algorithm

Market Forecasting Algorithm is the Technical Analysis and Time Series Forecasting tools in Excel. To use Market Forecasting Algorithm, you need to add TechnicalAnalysis.xll add-in in your Excel. You can find some details of Market Forecasting Algorithm in the link below:

The steps of adding TechnicalAnalysis.xll file is shown in the screenshot with detailed steps. This is the typical steps to add any add-in for Excel.

However, Excel Add-ins are one of the odd things in the world of software industry. There are some grey area with the Add-ins. Here is one of them.

You should place TechnicalAnalysis.xll file in relatively short folder path. The location of Market Forecasting Algorithm.xlsm seems does not matter. But the location of TechnicalAnalysis.xll file seems matter.

Try to place TechnicalAnalysis.xll file in the relatively short folder path. In my case, if I place TechnicalAnalysis.xll file in the below folder, then I get error while loading the TechnicalAnalysis.xll file.


However, if I place TechnicalAnalysis.xll file in this folder, it is loading perfectly without any problem.


To avoid any Add-In loading problem, place TechncialAnalysis.xll file in the relatively short folder path.

Also there are plenty of articles on the internet on how to add Solver Add-In. Please google it. You will find many articles kindly explaining how to add them in your Excel. For your information, Market Forecasting Algorithm is free software for everyone. Find it under the article: Algorithm and Prediction for Artificial Intelligence, Time Series Forecasting, and Technical Analysis here.

Technical Analysis_xll Add_in for Market Forecasting Algorithm

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