Turning Point Prediction for Forex Trading

Fractal Pattern Scanner provides the ability to predict the turning point in the financial market. In this article, we provide the practical guide line on how to use the provided turning point prediction for your day trading. The turning point prediction consists of two prediction types. The first one is the prediction of trough. In the trough prediction, we are trying to predict the possible bullish turning point while the price is falling. The second one is the prediction of Peak. In peak prediction, we are trying to predict the possible bearish turning point while the price is rising. The turning point prediction is useful because it tells us the complete story of the price series. For example, it will provide you the visual guidance of price movement + it will also provides the probability information. It is a true hybrid of statistical prediction and technical analysis.  As a trader, we can manage the entry and exit with the turning point prediction. Another advantage is that the probability provides us the opportunity for the second level of decision making. This is in fact the important part because many other technical indicator miss to provide the probability information, which we can use for the more advanced level of decision making. With ability to read these probability, practically we can use these turning point prediction to decide the price action in the financial market. They are the good predictor of the price movement assuming you are not misusing the probability information.

Here are the breakdown of the price action with the turning point prediction. We also provide the screenshot to explain each peak and trough cases with some visual aid. As you can see from the screenshot, we can respectively draw two price action for each peak and trough prediction.

When We Predict the Peak:

1. Possible bullish breakout trading opportunity at low probability area

2. Possible bearish reversal trading opportunity at high probability area

When We Predict the Trough:

1. Possible bearish breakout trading opportunity at low probability area

2. Possible bullish reversal trading opportunity at high probability area.

Probably, guessing of these price actions is so natural during the turning point prediction. The screenshot below is for you to confirm your understanding. If the term of peak and trough is not familiar to you, then google some physics articles explaining Peak and Trough in wave cycle. We are using the identical term here as we do not want to reinvent the wheel again. Once, you understand the cycle with peak and trough in those articles, it would be much easier to project the action items for your trading with this article too. In my opinion, the turning point prediction is in its unique position between the statistical prediction and technical analysis. Probably we can consider it as the hybrid of both world. We will recommend you enjoying this scientific advancement for your trading.

For example, you can watch this video titled as  “Breakout Trading vs Reversal Trading – Turn Support & Resistance to Killer Strategy” to understand how to control the market timing with this probability tool.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbORmOacKIQ

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