Market Prediction with Optimum Chart

In this article, we will discuss how to access the Market Prediction Tool from Optimum Chart. Optimum Chart provides the convenient feature to scan entire forex market for their turning point probability and trend probability. On top of this feature, you can also use the visual presentation of the Market Prediction Tool from Optimum Chart too. To do so, you just need these three steps. These three steps are also shown in the screenshot below.

1. Open any chart and attach Fractal Pattern Scanner Panel to the chart

2. Choose the row or multiple rows in the Fractal Scanner Panel and then mouse right click to copy data.

3. Paste the data to Input Page in the Market Prediction Tool and click Show Prediction button.

You can download the Market Prediction Tool from our website or from google drive from below links. Below link provides the further instruction for the Market Prediction + the download links.

Here is the landing page for the Optimum Chart. To use Copy Data Feature, you need to use the Optimum Chart version 8.0 or higher. Update is free of charge for Optimum Chart. Make sure you to download the latest version of Optimum Chart to use the Copy Data Feature from Fractal Pattern Scanner Panel.

If you want to access  Forex Market Prediction for Free of charge for 24/7, then visit this forex market prediction page any time.

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