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This short article will provide some guide on how to use these Forex Prediction at full potential for your Forex trading. First of all, anyone can access the free Forex market prediction from the link below.

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or use the link below to access Free Forex Market Prediction

In the prediction web page above, you will find a prediction table with some columns. The table will show you what is the latest status of the market + it will also tell what is the chance that the market can make a turning point probability. For your information, the trend probability can be obtained by 1 – turning point probability as a rule of thumb. These two probabilities can help you to locate your reversal trading and trend trading (or breakout trading) in the right timing.

Next, let us check the what is real benefit of these Forex Prediction. Not all the market prediction is friendly and useful for your trading. Most of statistical predictions are not compatible with the actual trading strategy used by the real world trader. However, the turning point probability (and also the trend probability = 1 – turning point probability) is useful because the predictions were measured from the Fractal Wave. Remember that many good and important technical analysis are derived from Fractal Wave too. For example, Support, Resistance, Fibonacci Ratio Analysis, Harmonic Pattern, Elliott Wave Theory, X3 Chart Pattern,  Symmetric Triangle Pattern, Rising Wedge Pattern, Falling Wedge pattern, Double Top, Double Bottom, Channel, Renko Chart and so on are such technical analysis derived from Fractal Wave. You can consider the turning point probability as the quantified version of the price patterns. Hence, using the turning point probability along with these price pattern is really beneficial in assessing the trend strength and risk for your trading.

Next, to use the prediction for your trading, you need to understand how to use the prediction table. Each row in the table is basically showing two coordinates of price and time for the price swing + the turning point probability in price and time. Check the screenshot below to make sense of these numbers.

  • Coordinate 1 for your chart: price at swing left and time at swing left
  • Coordinate 2 for your chart: price at swing right and time at swing right
  • Turning Point probability in price and time measured from Fractal Wave

In addition, you can have a look at the next screenshot to figure it out how the turning point probability works in your chart. In this screenshot, we show the swing size and swing age too.

You can use our Automatic Market Prediction Tool to visualize the turning point probability. Instruction on how to use this Free Market Prediction tool is shown in the link below. You can even use this Market Prediction Tool to get the visual presentation of the entire market. You can sit back and enjoy this automatic presentation with a cup of coffee. You can check the screenshot below for a quick understanding on how this Free Forex Market Prediction Tool works.

Next, we will talk about the interpreting the probability because at this interpreting stage, you will actual make buy and sell trading decision. First of all, these predictions is not meant to be used alone except the case of the pure statistical arbitrage in its extreme probability. Normally, the prediction can yield better results when they are combined with the technical indicators, price patterns, fundamental analysis and so on.

The prediction can be used with all sort of trading strategies like breakout trading, trend following, reversal trading, news trading and so on. To apply the prediction for your trading, you need to understand three important points.

  • Point 1: In low probability area, the price have a better chance to continue in the same direction in the current price swing.
  • Point 2: In high probability area, the price have a better chance to reverse (i.e. make the turning point)
  • Point 3: Statistical arbitrage only should be used when price hit extreme probability.

Start with Price probability first. Using the time probability is optional although the time probability can provide some additional information on top of price probability in many cases.

For example, if you are trying to apply a breakout trading or trend following strategy, then it is better to look for these opportunities with the price probability below 50%. Likewise, if you are trying to apply reversal trading strategy or try to pick up the turning point, then it is better to look for these opportunity with the price probability above 70%. This will improve the accuracy of your trading in long run.

It is even possible to take some statistical arbitrage opportunity because the predictions are based on the probability. Some possible idea might be taking the breakout opportunity at extremely low probability like 10% or below. Likewise, when extremely high probability over 95%, you might be able to take the reversal position. Statistical arbitrage is harder than normal trading because you need to understand both statistics and trading domains. In addition, you need to be really fast with statistical arbitrage. Hence, we only recommend to use the statistical arbitrage if you are sufficiently disciplined in both area. For your information, Age of Swing column shows the number of candle bars from the latest highest high or lowest low to current candle bar in the chart.

For rest, we recommend to use these predictions with breakout trading, trend following, reversal trading or fundamental trading. Even then, some people might be better with one strategy than the other. For example, you might be better at breakout trading than reversal trading and vise versa. Hence, pick the strategy that suits best for you. To understand the strategy with the prediction better, you can visit our trading education page below.

In addition, to understand how to use swing size and swing age, you can visit below link.

If you are a stock market trader, then we also provide the market prediction software for free from below link. This market prediction software is compatible with Forex market too. Hence, even if you are a Forex trader, you can still use.

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