Correlation in Correlation Ranking Heat Map

Some people asked me what is the concept of correlation in Correlation Ranking Heat Map. So I will briefly explain about the correlation used in Correlation Ranking Heat Map. Simply speaking, in the market there are similar type of instruments which considered to have similar characteristics. Of course, they are not entirely the same but they are close cousin of each other. For example, Australian dollar (i.e. AUDUSD) and New Zealand dollar (i.e. NZDUSD) are geographically and economically similar because both country produces Gross Domestic Production (GDP) in similar ways like Tourism and Trading some commodities, etc. Hence these two currency have high correlation. For example, AUDUSD will be highly correlated with NZDUSD and AUDJPY, etc. These three currency pairs will be moving in similar direction overall throughout the year. This is the concept of correlation in Correlation Ranking Heat Map. Higher the correlation between instruments, they tend move together. Correlation Ranking Heat Map is the 3 dimensional visual tools helping you to see how these correlated instruments moving together. See the attached screenshot for better visual demonstration. Correlation Ranking Heat Map provide you the economic means of watching market and this is somewhat missed by most of retail traders. So we invented Correlation Ranking Heat Map for you.

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