Difference between Harmonic Pattern Plus and Optimal Turning Point Pattern Scanner

Price gap between harmonic pattern plus and optimal turning point pattern scanner is big. so you would like to know what you are getting with Optimal turning point pattern scanner.

In Harmonic Pattern Plus, you can only detect Harmonic Patterns.

In Optimal Turning Point Pattern Scanner, you can use Harmonic Patterns + Elliott Wave Patterns + X3 Patterns.

In Optimal turning point pattern scanner, you can even add new patterns if you wish  (= advanced user only).

Plus Optimal turning point pattern scanner uses non repainting and non lagging algorithm.

Non repainting and non lagging algorithm is really convenient for your trading.

If you have sufficient budget, we do recommend to go for Optimal turning point pattern scanner for long run. It is really rich in its features.




Harmonic pattern plus is cheap but it is extremely good product for its price. If you do not mind repainting, then you can always go for Harmonic pattern plus. It is much cheaper but powerful too.

Below are the Links to Harmonic Pattern Plus




Note about choice of Harmonic Pattern Indicator.

In fact, 99.9% harmonic pattern indicator found on internet is repainting. But the vendors and developers will say they do not repaint. But just know that they do repainting honestly. Optimal turning point pattern scanner is completely non repainting and non lagging harmonic pattern indicator released in world first.

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