Harmonic Pattern Plus and X3 Chart Pattern Scanner

Harmonic Pattern Plus and X3 Chart Pattern Scanner are the great Harmonic Pattern Indicator if you are looking for good Harmonic Pattern Indicator. However, you might want to know what are the difference between them because their price are different. Here is some information about both Harmonic Pattern indicators.

Firstly, in Harmonic Pattern Plus, you can only detect Harmonic Patterns. This means Harmonic Pattern Plus does not support Elliott Wave pattern or other chart patterns. If you are looking for the Harmonic Pattern indicator, most of time this should be not a problem. Harmonic Pattern Plus comes at  affordable price but it is a repainting Harmonic Pattern indicator. As we have explained in this article below, most of Harmonic Pattern indicator is repainting. Hence, many Forex trader do not mind to use such a Harmonic Pattern Indicator.


In fact, this Harmonic Pattern indicator is still loved by many Forex trader because it provides tons of powerful and essential features to generate accurate trading signals at this affordable price. For example, it comes with Japanese candlestick patterns and channel detection features, which helps to improve the accuracy of Harmonic Pattern Trading. The same facts apply to Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner too. However, Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner is more advanced than Harmonic Pattern Plus as it provides the predictive features on top of all the functionality of Harmonic Pattern Plus. Hence, if you are a tactical trader, then we will recommend using Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner instead of Harmonic Pattern Plus.

Now, let us talk about X3 Chart Pattern Scanner. In X3 Chart Pattern Scanner, it can detect Harmonic Patterns + Elliott Wave Patterns + X3 Chart Patterns. The ability to use Elliott Wave patterns and X3 Chart patterns can definitely provide you more trading opportunity. On top of this advantage,  X3 Chart Pattern Scanner is a non repainting and non lagging Harmonic Pattern Indicator. Hence, this is a useful to any level of trader from beginner to experienced. In X3 Chart Pattern Scanner, you can even tune or modify each pattern to maximize your trading performance. For example, you can construct any Harmonic pattern or Chart pattern using the notation of retracement and expansion as outlined here.


As you can tell, X3 Chart Pattern Scanner is a very powerful Harmonic Pattern Indicator with the robust trading technology. In addition, this indicator comes with Japanese candlestick patterns and advanced channel detection. If you wish, you can use both Harmonic indicator together because both Harmonic indicator are based on the different pattern detection algorithm. They often spot the harmonic pattern in the different market timing.

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Harmonic Pattern Plus and X3 Chart Pattern Scanner

Harmonic Pattern Plus and X3 Chart Pattern Scanner

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