Difference between Harmonic Pattern Plus and X3 Chart Pattern Scanner

Harmonic Pattern Plus and X3 Chart Pattern Scanner are the great Harmonic Pattern Indicator for your Forex trading. However, you might want to know what are the difference between them. Here is few notes about both indicators.

In Harmonic Pattern Plus, you can only detect Harmonic Patterns. Harmonic Pattern Plus comes at  affordable price but it is a repainting Harmonic Pattern indicator. However, this indicator is still loved by many Forex trader. The same facts applies to Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner too.

In X3 Chart Pattern Scanner, it can detect Harmonic Patterns + Elliott Wave Patterns + X3 Price Patterns. It is a non repainting and non lagging Harmonic Pattern Indicator. In X3 Chart Pattern Scanner, you can even add new patterns if you wish. You can construct any patterns using the notation of retracement and expansion as outlined here. X3 Chart Pattern Scanner is the tool, fully equipped with the latest trading technology.


At the same, if you wish, you can use both indicator together because both indicator is based on the different pattern detection algorithm. They often spot the pattern in the different market timing.

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