Optimum Chart Manual – User Interface

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What is Optimum Chart?

“Optimum Chat” is a standalone charting solution to generate buy and sell timing for Forex market and Stock market. It is not a research tool but it is a practical trading tool designed for you to go live trading. Optimum Chart is also the collection of the most profitable indicators and tools we were developing last 10 years. For you users, you will be just using the ready-made tools. There is no need for coding or googling tones of hours in your live trading our Optimum Chart.

Optimum Chart Overview

Overall look of Optimum Chart is not different from typical charting solution. Optimum Chart consists of three components.

  • Price Panel
  • Collection of Tools and indicators
  • Chart

1) Price Panel

The functions of price panels are two. Firstly, you can check the latest price of the symbols (i.e. currency symbol or stock symbol).  You will see the real time price change through this price panel. Secondly, you can open chart of any symbols (i.e. currency symbol or stock symbol). To open chart, simply choose any symbol in the panel. Then use mouse right click to bring “Chart Window” menu. Click on “Chart Window” menu to open chart.

2) Collection of Tools and Indicators

Collection of tools and indicators are the most essential part of the Optimum Chart. Literately, these are the collections of most profitable tools we were developing last 10 years. From here, you will choose which tool you will apply to your chart. In doing so, firstly choose the tool you want to apply. Then use mouse right click to bring “Attach to Chart” menu. Just click Attach to Chart menu to apply the tools to your chart.

For example, if you want to apply Harmonic Pattern Scanner to your chart, select Harmonic Pattern Scanner from the list and then click on Attach to Chart. Now Harmonic Pattern Scanner will scan all the available harmonic patterns across all symbols and all timeframe. You will be presented a table like this below. To trade with these patterns, you just need to sort patterns from latest to oldest (i.e. click over Age column). Then you will be using some of the latest patterns to generate buy signal.

Let us take another example of applying Correlation Ranking Heat Map in your chart. Correlation Ranking Heat Map is an advanced Correlation analysis tool specifically designed to pick up the winning opportunity for your trading. To apply this in your chart, select Correlation Ranking Heat Map from the list and then and then click on Attach to Chart. Now Correlation Ranking Heat Map will scan all the symbols and you can access three important piece of information.

  1. Performance of each symbol
  2. Performance of the group of symbols highly correlated to each other
  3. Performance of overall market

3) Chart

Chart is the place where the final output of our analysis is drawn. Typically, buy and sell signal are indicated by Up or Down arrow in the chart. Our tools will try to provide you the earliest signal as possible for the winning opportunity. In Optimum Chart, all the important patterns and support and resistance lines are drawn automatically. Hence, you never have to spend many hours in drawing them manually. These automatic detection and drawing are even more accurate than any human trader’s ability.

Before going for live trading

When you start to use our Optimum Chart, you might be not ready to go for live trading immediately. Even though our tools are fully automated, your psychology can stop you using them for the first time.  In that case, we also provide the trading simulation.

How to purchase Optimum Chart

Optimum Char is available for Forex and US Stock Market. We provide the following duration of license:

  1. Two weeks
  2. One month
  3. Three month
  4. One year

When you are unsure about the purchase yet, two weeks option is the most reasonable to start with. Price wise, it is cheaper to get longer license. For example, one-year license will ensure the cheapest price per month. You can check the price of each license from below link:


What happens after purchase Optimum Chart?

When you first buy our product, you will be receiving the product code to activate Optimum Chart License. Then we will also contact you to send you the important trading recipes. Hence, you can start your live trading in shortest possible time. As you can see, all the sophisticated calculations are done in background by algorithm. You, as the user of Optimum Chart, just need few button clicks to generate good buy and sell opportunity for your Forex and Stock Market trading.

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