Japanese Candlestick Patterns in Chart Pattern

We will talk about Japanese candlestick patterns in Chart Pattern when you trade in Forex and Stock market. Japanese canldestick patterns are one of the popular pattern that are used by both Forex and Stock trader. Imagine that you can use both Japanese candlestick patterns and Chart patterns together for your trading decision. We will use X3 Chart Pattern Scanner to demonstrate how to use Japanese candlestick patterns in Chart Pattern. X3 Chart Pattern Scanner is an chart pattern scanner that can detect Harmonic Patterns, Elliott Wave Patterns and X3 Chart Patterns in just one button clicks. You can detect harmonic patterns like Butterfly, Gartley, Bat, Alternate Bat, AB=CD, Shark, Crab, Deep Crab, Cypher, 5-0 Patterns, 3 Drives Pattern and so on. In addition, the detectable Elliott Wave patterns include impulse wave pattern and corrective wave patterns that are identified with certain ratio scheme. There is no need for you to detect these chart patterns manually. In addition, you can also detect the customized chart patterns on top of these popular chart patterns. Customized chart pattern is a great feature as you can improve and fine tune the existing Harmonic Pattrens and Elliott Wave patterns. Customizable chart pattern is a great advantage as you can explore and develop the profitable chart patterns of your own that are not known to public.

X3 Chart Pattern Scanner is the powerful pattern trading system with many powerful features. Properly used, this tool can yield excellent trading results. One of the trading system built inside X3 Chart Pattern Scanner is the Japanese candlestick patterns. X3 Chart Pattern Scanner can detect around 52 different Japanese candlestick patterns. They are categorized under five categories including one, two, three, four and five candlestick patterns.

To use Japanese candlestick patterns, you have to enable the candlestick pattern from X3 Chart Pattern Scanner. See the attached screenshot to learn how to enable Japanese candlestick patterns in your X3 Chart Pattern Scanner. Then you can switch on and off the individual category of patterns according to your preferences. For example, you can only use two and three candlestick patterns if you wish.

In addition, you can also receive sound alert, email and push notification when new Japanese candlestick patterns are detected. Note that Japanese candlestick patterns are only one of the pattern category. It can also detect other powerful patterns like Harmonic Patterns, Elliott Wave Patterns and X3 patterns. X3 Chart Pattern Scanner is the next generation Forex and Stock trading tool.

You can watch the YouTube Video to feel what is the automated harmonic pattern indicator like.

YouTube “Non Repainting Non Lagging Harmonic Pattern Indicator”: https://youtu.be/uMlmMquefGQ

Below we provide the link to X3 Chart Pattern Scanner available in MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.




Surely this is only a very short description of what X3 Chart Pattern can do for your trading. For more details on how to use them for your Forex trading, we recommend you to visit our education page, which provides large amount of articles for free. We also recommend you to read books we have published in the past. The books are very informative and easy to follow.

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