New Version of Supply Demand Zone Indicator released

This is great news on many supply and demand zone trader. We have just released newer version of our Supply Demand Zone Indicator.

It is the version 2.2 of Ace Supply Demand Zone Indicator. In the new version, supply and demand zone detection algorithm are much more improved. Of course, this is non repainting supply and demand zone indicator. This indicator will help you to win in the market in many different ways.

Make sure that you download the latest version 2.2 for the maximum trading performance.

This indicator is really great tool for following traders.

  1. Supply and Demand Zone trader
  2. Support and Resistance trader
  3. Price Action trader
  4. Harmonic Pattern trader
  5. Elliott Wave trader

Below is the link to our Ace Supply Demand Zone Indicator version 2.2.

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