What is Optimum Chart ?

Optimum Chart is the Charting and Analytical solution. On top of its basic features, we provide the premium technical indicators, tools and dashboard for you to generate buy and sell signal for Forex and Stock Market trading.

What is the cost of using Optimum Chart ?

Let us compare with MetaTrader. In MetaTrader, you will get free trading terminal to start with. On top of that, to get premium commercial tools, you have to pay for the separate license per each indicator or per each tool you want to use. In another words, platform developer and indicator developers are different.

Hence, you might suffer from some stuffs like your old commercial indicators suddenly does not work on the latest version of platform, etc. Where you get the customer support from is another concern because platform developer and indicator developers are different.

In Optimum Chart, you only need to pay one fee for everything because we are the developer of the platform and the premium indicators and tools built inside Optimum Chart. Hence, you will expect to get your customer support from one place at www.algotrading-investment.com and from customer.support@algotrading-investment.com.

What premium indicators, tools and dashboard are included in Optimum Chart ?

Optimum Chart consists of

  • General technical indicators
  • Premium technical indicators
  • Dashboard (i.e. Panel).
  • Advanced Chart Objects

General technical indicators are stuff like moving average, ADX, MACD, RSI, CCI, Bollinger Bands, etc. We provide over 25 different technical indicators. These are the basic tools you can use for your day trading.

In our Premium technical indicators, we provide the powerful tools you need for your Price action and Pattern trading. We have done the intensive research last 12 years about Price Action and Pattern Trading. We can assure you that they are the new dimension for your trading and it is the profitable path for your trading. Because these tools are already way popular through our MetaTrader commercial indicator page, we do not even needed to mention too much about their popularity.

The premium technical indicators includes

  1. Advanced Harmonic Pattern Indicator
  2. Advanced Elliott Wave, Harmonic Pattern and X3 Pattern Indicator (Non Repainting and Non Lagging)
  3. Price Pattern Scanner
  4. Advanced Support and Resistance
  5. Turning point detector
  6. Fractal Pattern Indicator that helps you to measure the turning point probability in price and time

Advanced Chart Objects includes

  1. Fibonacci Analysis tools
  2. Harmonic Pattern Analysis tools
  3. Range of Channels including Double Standard Deviation channel
  4. Others Supportive objects

We have specially selected the best algorithm to assure the maximum trading performance.

The most important benefit of our Optimum Chart is that we provide the highly specialized dashboard (i.e. Panel) for professional trader. For example, we provide the Pair Trading dashboard with co-integration capability. We also provide Harmonic pattern scanner dashboard with flexible turning point trading strategy. On top of these two powerful dashboard, we provide correlation ranking heat map, which help your trading much easier but highly accurate.

Anything else included in Optimum Chart ?

We forget the most important thing. How to make money with our Optimum Chart ? When you buy any of our Optimum Chart license. We will send you the trading recipes to you specifically. These are the trading recipes not available on public. Please keep these trading recipes safe once you have received them from us. Please note that we do not do this for our MetaTrader products. Below is our optimum Chart product page.


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