What is Optimum Chart ?

Optimum Chart is the Charting and Analytical solution for Forex and Stock Market trading. It is the standalone charting platform meaning that it does not require any third party library or account to run. On top of the basic features as the general charting platform, we provide the premium technical indicators, tools and dashboard for you to generate buy and sell signal for Forex and Stock Market trading in just one or two button clicks. In short, the optimum chart is easy to use but it can provide you the high quality trading signals in few button clicks. You can have a look at the videos for an example.

For your information, the following powerful premium technical analysis solutions are packed inside Optimum Chart.

  1. Advanced Harmonic Pattern Scanner (All timeframe and all symbol scanner)
  2. Advanced Supply Demand Zone Scanner (Non repainting, non lagging, all timeframe and all symbol scanner )
  3. Advanced Fractal Breakout Trading Scanner (All timeframe and all symbol scanner)
  4. Turning point probability and trend probability scanner (All timeframe and all symbol scanner)
  5. Advanced Pairs Trading Scanner with Cointegration (All timeframe and all symbol scanner)
  6. Advanced Elliott Wave, Harmonic Pattern and X3 Pattern Indicator (Non Repainting and Non Lagging)
  7. Advanced Price Pattern Scanner
  8. Risk Management Tool
  9. Plus many other advanced technical analysis tools geared up for your winning trading

You can find more information about the powerful trading signal generator from the landing page of the Optimum Chart.


How to get Optimum Chart for Forex Market

Below is the link to buy Optimum Chart Licenses for Forex Market.

When you feel like you need more information about Optimum Chart, it is just best to try our two weeks license option. If you must use MetaTrader Indicators and Expert Advisors, then you can also have a look our cost effective but powerful MetaTrader products here.


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