New Version of Fractal Pattern Indicator coming

We have mentioned that we will be releasing the new version of Advanced Price Pattern Scanner. We are also working on the new version of Fractal Pattern Indicator.

Here is how the new version look like.

With support and resistance mode of Advanced Price Pattern Scanner + Ability to measure the turning point probability, you could make very accurate entry with your trading.

Havidng said that, this is only one way of applying Fractal pattern Indicator. Yet, it could be used together with Harmonic Pattern, Elliott Wave Pattern and X3 Pattern.

Many people are talking about high probability trading setup but they never provide you any probability measure for their trading setup.

This  is high probability trading setup with real probability given for your trading.

Enjoy the most advanced trading technology from us.

New version will be coming pretty soon next few days. So stay tuned for the news.

Below is the download link for Fractal Pattern Indicator.

Below are the links to Advanced Price Pattern Scanner.

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