Repainting and Non Repainting Harmonic Pattern Indicator

Here is some quick guide on repainting and non repainting Harmonic Pattern indicators. Pattern Scanner based on Fractal Wave detection algorithm can be either repainting or non repainting one. In our products, we provide two choices between repainting and non repainting. Their capability and their price is different.

For Harmonic Pattern Scanner,

Harmonic Pattern Plus (and also Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner) is the powerful but they are the repainting Harmonic Pattern Scanner. At the same time, they are cheaper. Below is links for them.

X3 Chart Pattern Scanner is non repainting and non lagging Harmonic Pattern  and X3 pattern Scanner. Below is links for them.

Typically it is easier to trade with non repainting and non lagging Harmonic Pattern indicator. Of course, the signal will be reserved once they are detected. Hence, if you do not mind the cost, we recommend to use X3 Chart Pattern Scanner since it is non repainting Harmonic Pattern and X3 pattern indicator.

However, if you do not mind repainting Harmonic Pattern Indicator and you want to have something cheaper, then use Harmonic Pattern Plus (or Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner). Many traders are still do not mind to use the repainting Harmonic Pattern Indicator. They are cheaper too.

If you are starter, we do recommend using non repainting Harmonic Pattern Scanner like X3 Chart Pattern Scanner. It is easier to trade with non repainting indicator. At the same time, there are a lot of bonus features inside X3 Chart Pattern Scanner too.

For your information, we are the only one who supply non repainting and non lagging Harmonic Pattern Indicator in the world. Of course, the first one in the world too.

In addition, you can watch the YouTube Video to feel what is the automated harmonic pattern indicator like. For your information, we provides two YouTube videos with title and links below.

YouTube “Harmonic Pattern Indicator (Repainting but non lagging)”:

YouTube “Non Repainting Non Lagging Harmonic Pattern Indicator”:

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