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Fractal Patterns are important in Forex trading because they help traders detect certain predictive patterns in price movements and make specific decisions to profit in Forex and Stock trading. Fractal patterns refer to a recurring or repeating pattern that occurs at different scales with chaotic price movements. It is important to understand the Fractal defined by Bill Williams or Williams’s Fractal Indicator is merely one type of Fractal Pattern. However, I have seen a lot of traders think fractal pattern can be learned by learning Williams’s Fractal Indicator. Definitely not. It is entirely wrong to frame the Williams’s Fractal Indicator for the entire Fractal Pattern just many search engines do. Fractal or Fractal pattern have very strong theoretical background stemmed from the pinoeer scientist, Benoit Mandelbrot, who created the term, “Fractal” and dedicated himself in the discovery of Fractal Pattern in the real world application.

The usable Fractal pattern for Forex trader include many other repeating patterns like Elliott Wave, Harmonic Pattern, W and M pattern, Support and Resistance, Supply and Demand zone, etc. Lately we have also found that Fractal Pattern in Forex and Stock market are more relevant or more predictive when we view them as Fractal Wave instead. After we looked into Fractal Wave, we have concluded that Fractal Wave is the ultimate tool to model Stochastic Cycle presents in Forex and Stock market. Hence, we built Fractal Pattern Scanner to help trader to extract the stochastic cycles so that they can enter the right timing with higher success rate.

In this short article, we will explain the trading operation with turning point probability for Fractal Pattern Scanner in MetaTrader and in Optimum Chart. Fractal Pattern Scanner is the powerful tool to predict the Forex and Stock market. It is the highly predictive tool that quantifies the price action at every wave in your chart. Fractal Pattern Scanner provides three main features. The three features include:

1. Turning Point Probability Measurement (Essential feature that you can use everyday)

2. Breakout and Reversal Trading Signal Detection with Mother Wave detection

3. Automatic Gann Angles (Bonus feature and optional use only)

The turning point probability measurement is the essential to your daily trading. The turning point probability basically quantifies the price action in your chart. Quantifying the price action will provide you the another level of trading experience. Capability to access the turning point probability in one button click is really handy feature for every day trader on the earth. In addition, Fractal Pattern Scanner provides the probability scanning capability across all timeframe. You can also switch on and off the multiple timeframe pattern detection. When you set Detect Mother Wave = false, you can run the Fractal Pattern Scanner as the pure probability machine.

The turning point probability is a powerful tool that you can use it as both reversal trading or breakout trading within your technical analysis. You can watch this YouTube video titled as “Breakout Trading vs Reversal Trading (Turn Support & Resistance to Killer Strategy)” in this link below to get some hands on practice with breakout and reversal trading opportunity with Support and Resistance Technical Analysis.

YouTube Video Link:

Mother wave pattern detection can be considered as the statistical representation of the Elliott Wave Theory. For example, Mother wave pattern detect the pattern inside pattern structure, where small patterns are jagged inside big pattern, like the Elliott Wave pattern. We can use this pattern inside pattern to trade both reversal and breakout trading. Fractal Pattern Scanner does the excellent job in detecting these signals automatically. When you set Detect Mother Wave = true, then Fractal Pattern Scanner will detect trading signal using Mother wave pattern detection. Even in that, you can also perform both breakout and reversal trading automatically.

  • If you want to use Breakout Trading Mode, then set Detect Breakout Opportunity = true.
  • If you want to use Reversal Trading Mode, then set Detect Breakout Opportunity = false.

You can also watch the YouTube Video titled as “Breakout Trading Signal Explained” to understand the breakout trading with mother wave detection.

YouTube video link:


Mother Wave Pattern Explained further

The idea behind the Breakout trading with Mother wave is to detect mother wave relatively young and fresh. Those young and fresh mother wave will be typically found in the low turning point probability area. Then what does “First Child Price Probability” input do ? It is the criteria for how small first child wave could be when the mother wave pattern is detected. If this is even hard to understand, then you can think it is the size of mother wave.

If you set the First Child Price Probability = 30%, then Fractal Pattern Scanner will detect first child wave with its size less than 30% amplitude. Likewise, if you set the First Child Price Probability = 50%, then Fractal Pattern Scanner will detect first child wave with its size less than 50%. For your information, the detected mother wave patterns does not provide any sort of geometric regularity detection in the case of breakout trading. We have taught you several geometric regularity detection like support, resistance and triangle and wedge patterns. You will need similar sort of operation here.

In the reversal trading mode with Mother Wave, the size of first child wave is no longer required to be controlled. However, we can control the size of Mother wave. The idea behind the reversal trading mode is to detect mature mother wave pattern that are likely to make reversal movement. Hence, it is better to find these mother wave patterns in high probability area in the probability graph.

For this reason, we have set the mother wave price probability = 80%. You can set even higher number if you wish. When you are using reversal trading mode, we provide automatic Fibonacci expansion to help you to decide the final turning point. This is sort of geometric regularity you can use. But you can use any other geometric regularity we have taught you in our articles and books too like Harmonic Pattern or Elliott Wave patterns, etc if you are good with them.

Here is some important tips. From our experience, some Forex symbols are better with breakout trading mode. Some Forex symbols are better with reversal trading mode. To find out the best trading approach, just set Bars to Scan = 6000 or higher. Just find how each trading mode is profitable in the chart.

You can also use strategy tester for this purpose too. When you are using the strategy tester, then set Calculating with Trailing Data = true. This will tell the Fractal Pattern Scanner to calculate the probability with trailing data (i.e. technical analysis approach) rather than the statistical approach. When you are using technical analysis approach, the probability will be calculated like other technical indicators like Moving average indicator or RSI indicator using trailing data. In statistical approach, the entire data will be used to calculate probability.

Statistical approach and technical analysis approach does not matter for the latest pattern to trade. It is only matter for historical patterns for your information. I personally prefer to calculate the probability using Statistical approach because it provides the identical probability across all price series.

I guess it is too much mathematical talk. I will cut it out. If you do not want to think, then just remember these two cases.

A. If you want to see the historical patterns in your chart, then set “Calculating with Trailing Data” = false.

B. When you are using the strategy tester, then set “Calculating with Trailing Data” = true.

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