Profitable Pattern Scanner have the new name of X3 Chart Pattern Scanner

We decided to change the name of Profitable Pattern Scanner to X3 Chart Pattern Scanner. As you know that, all the detected chart patterns in the profitable Pattern Scanner are based on the X3 Price Pattern Framework.

To closely represent the functionality of the pattern scanner, we have decided to change its name to X3 Chart Pattern Scanner. We are doing this to provide you better product and service too.

If you already have the Profitable Pattern Scanner, there is nothing you have to do. The product are exactly same. You will still receive all your product from the same product page using the same update process.

We only write this post to avoid any future confusion about the product name.

The product page of X3 Chart Pattern Scanner is the exactly same address to Profitable Pattern Scanner. Hence, there is nothing to worry about.

Link to X3 Chart Pattern Scanner

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