Video Tutorial for Advanced Breakout Trading, Sorting and Detailed Analysis

This video will cover the signal generation, sorting and the detailed analysis of the Advanced Breakout Trading. Optimum Chart was designed for automated trading signal for all symbols and all timeframes. Hence, it can be used by all level of traders. Firstly, to access advanced breakout trading signal, attach Fractal Pattern Scanner Panel to your chart. In the default setting, it will scan all symbols with the timeframe of the chart only. For example, if your chart is H1 timeframe, then it will scan all symbols in H1 timeframe only. If you want to scan other timeframe, then Set Scan All Timeframe in Inputs to true. Please note that scanning all symbols and all timeframe takes longer than just scanning all symbols in one timeframe.


The landing page to Optimum Chart:

Also Guide for Breakout Trading Signal for Free Customers:

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