Breakout Trading Signal Guide for Free Customers

To help the trading community, from time to time, we post some free breakout trading signals. The breakout trading signals are fully backed up by theory, practice and application in the financial market. In this post, we will briefly explain how to use the free breakout trading signals when we post the signals for our free customers.

Most of time, we will just post the breakout signal panel. You just need to check the two piece of information from the signal panel.

1. Wave Start: Wave start column provides the price and time at the Mother wave start.

2. Breakout Level:  this column provides the price and time at the breakout wave start.

When you mark up Wave start and breakout level in your chart, these two points will form the very important breakout box for your trading. Sometime, this box can be penetrated in just one attempt. Sometimes, price might retrace back but they can approach for hard penetration.

Marking up the two points does not take you a lot of time. You can use MetaTrader or Trading View or Ninja Trader or anything.

Since we provide the breakout trading signals across all timeframe and all symbols, you just pick the trading signal at your interest.

Also for your information, Origin (Bar Ago) indicates the location of Breakout point from the latest candle bar. It is just the count of candle bar between latest bar and the bar we extracted the breakout price level. Origin (Bar Ago) can be used to double confirm your mark up of Breakout point in your chart.Check the screenshot for more details.

At the same time, we provide free Fractal Decomposition Analysis Tool. You can use this free tool to increase your knowledge for breakout trading based on Fractal Decomposition Analysis. Below link provide the direct download for the free tool.

Plus you can read there are many articles on how these breakout trading strategy works from the link below.

For your information, these breakout trading signals are generated from Optimum Chart. For paid customers, both signal generation and the detailed analysis can be done in just one button click. In addition, Optimum Chart provides the specialized trading signals with advanced Harmonic Pattern and Pairs Trading too. Check out the page below.

If you are MetaTrader user, then we also provide the automated Breakout Trading signals across multiple timeframe scanning feature (not multiple symbol feature).

Below YouTube video demonstrate the breakout Trading signals for MetaTrader version.


Landing page for the breakout trading signal generator in  MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5

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