Chart Patterns Guide with Fibonacci Ratio Calculator

In this article below, you will find the useful tutorial to understand the structure of the chart patterns including Fibonacci Analysis, Harmonic Pattern, Elliott Wave and X3 Chart Pattern. The tutorial is probably five to ten minutes reading. We also provide the Chart Patterns Tutorial Software (free) to visually aid your understanding with these Chart Patterns. The software also provides the free Fibonacci Retracement calculator and Fibonacci Expansion calculator for your day trading. For full tutorial + free software download, just visit the link below. The software is absolutely free. No personal information or signup is required. You can use it immediately after downloading the zip file.

The Chart Patterns Tutorial is useful if you want to use Fibonacci Analysis, Harmonic Pattern, Elliott Wave and X3 Chart Pattern as part of your trading. Beside above Free Tutorial and Software, we also provide the automated Pattern Scanner in MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, just for your information.

1. Harmonic Pattern Plus (2014)

Harmonic pattern plus is extremely good product for the price although it is repainting. With dozens of powerful features including Pattern Completion Interval, Potential Reversal Zone, Potential Continuation Zone, Automatic Stop loss and take profit sizing.

Below are the Links to Harmonic Pattern Plus

2. Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner (2014)

With additional features of predicting future harmonic patterns, this is very tactical harmonic pattern indicator with advanced simulation capability on top of  the powerful features of harmonic pattern plus.

Below are the Links to Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner

3. X3 Chart Pattern Scanner

X3 Chart Pattern Scanner is non repainting and non lagging pattern scanner for Harmonic Pattern, Elliott Wave pattern and X3 Chart patterns. As a bonus, this tool can detect around 52 bearish and bullish Japanese candlestick patterns + advanced Channel features. This is the most advanced Harmonic and Elliott wave scanner in the market. You must try.

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