New Version of Fractal Pattern Scanner Coming- 22 Dec 2020

Here is some latest news on our work. Soon, we will be releasing new update for Fractal Pattern Scanner. In the new version of Fractal Pattern Scanner, we will be reinforcing the probability information panel.

In the new version, we will be adding the information for the size of swing in next to the age of swing. These two size and age variables will help you to locate the turning point probability in your head in relative to the latest price swing.  This would reduce the need to open  each chart.

With two size and age variables, you should be able to figure it out what is going on in each timeframe, once you get used with all these probability information.  We also provides the screenshot to show where all four variables are fitting in your chart.

We do really hope you to enjoy the flow of information in Fractal Pattern Scanner for your trading. Once you are get used with the market reaction on these probability, you will be not able to trade without these probability information.

Stay tuned for the further news.

Below is the landing page for Fractal Pattern Scanner in MetaTrader version.

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