Science of Support and Resistance

Have you ever thought what is the underlying science for Support and Resistance ? Without understanding the science of support and resistance, how can you improve your trading with support and resistance ? Although the support and resistance are the key to successful trading, no book or article will really pin down the science behind the support and resistance. The book: Science Of Support, Resistance, Fibonacci Analysis, Harmonic Pattern, Elliott Wave and X3 Chart Pattern (In Forex and Stock Market Trading) is exactly the book dedicated for this topic. This book will tell you the untold story of the support and resistance, which will become the valuable wisdom for Forex and Stock market trading.

First of all, when we want to improve anything in our life, it often requires to understand the science behind the subject. Likewise, the scientific understanding of the support and resistance can improve our practical trading marginally. The book will provide the intertwined illustration between trading strategy and the scientific theory. In addition, the book will also provide the many chart examples along with many useful contents towards your practical trading. We recommend reading this book as the first guide for every trader and investor in Forex and Stock market.

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Support is the price level at which buying is stronger than selling. Hence, the declining of the price below the support levels is often refused. Typically, support level is located below the current market price. Likewise, resistance is the price level at which selling is stronger than buying. Hence, the rising of the price above the resistance level is often refused. Typically, the resistance level is located above the current market price. In fact, several support and resistance techniques are the geometric pattern recognition derived from the fractal wave analysis. However, not all the support resistance techniques are the same cases.

When we say the support and resistance in the geometric pattern or chart pattern recognition, we are talking about identifying support and resistance line by connecting peak to peak or by connecting trough to trough in our chart. After the peak trough transformation is applied, the support line can be identified by connecting two or more number of troughs aligned horizontally. Conservative approach is connecting more than three troughs aligned horizontally. Price can make either a turning point or breakout around the support line. It is the area where the market energy is converging before exploding. With this potentially high energy, the support line often serves as an efficient trading entry as well as an exit. Whenever we recognize the important support line, we need to actively think about the market timing as well as the position size.

After understanding the science, we can improve your support and resistance trading of course in many different ways. One way we did it was to combine the turning point probability and trend probability with support and resistance. The direct representation of its principle can be found from our Fractal Pattern Scanner. You have the full access to the turning point probability and trend probability from Fractal Pattern Scanner to improve your support and resistance trading. Please have a look at the indicator.

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