Forex Technical Analysis

Forex Technical Analysis is a dedicated YouTube Channel for the subject of technical analysis in Forex market. We share the educational videos for the price action tools and technical indicators available on MetaTrader for the following technical analysis:

  • Support & Resistance
  • Supply Demand Analysis
  • Fibonacci Ratio Analysis
  • Triangle Pattern, Rising Wedge Pattern and Falling Wedge Pattern
  • Double Top, Double Bottom, Triple Top and Triple Bottom
  • Harmonic Pattern
  • Elliott Wave
  • Chart Pattern
  • Turning Point Probability and Trend Probability
  • Pairs Trading and Spread Analysis
  • Volume Spread Analysis
  • Fractal Indicators and Tools

If you are the Technical Forex Trader, then you will find many powerful price action tools and technical indicators you can keep for your MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms. You can visit the Forex Technical Analysis Channel below:

YouTube Link 1:

YouTube Link 2:

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