Chart Pattern Scanner Versus Price Breakout Pattern Scanner

Many of you can be curious how Chart Pattern Scanner and Price Breakout Pattern Scanner are different from each other. First of all, both indicator are the chart pattern scanner, designed to detect the patterns like the triangle pattern, rising wedge pattern, falling wedge pattern, double top, double bottoms and so on. There are some important difference between two indicators. Simply speaking, Chart Pattern Scanner is the non repainting price pattern scanner whereas Price Breakout Pattern Scanner is based on repainting pattern detection. You will feel that Chart Pattern Scanner is using completely new pattern detection algorithm from Price Breakout Pattern Scanner. Even same patterns are detected in different timing between them due the the different pattern detection algorithm.

However, Chart Pattern Scanner is more expensive. Hence, if you are concerned with the price. Then you can still go ahead with Price Breakout Pattern Scanner. Price Breakout Pattern Scanner will do generally everything for your need from price pattern detection + Japanese candle stick pattern detection and so on. If you need the non repainting price pattern scanner, we certainly recommend to use Chart Pattern Scanner. In addition, Chart Pattern Scanner also provides the multiple timeframe pattern detection helping you to reduce number of charts to open.

Here are the links for Chart Pattern Scanner.

Below are the links to Price breakout Pattern Scanner

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