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Pair Trading Station is a powerful Pairs Trading Indicator that uses the correlation and spread analysis. Pairs trading is also known as the statistical arbitrage as it involves buying undervalued asset and selling overvalued asset at the same time. Pair Trading in Forex can be best described as taking the hedge position of buying and selling two highly correlated instruments at the same time.  However, pairs trading can be used to predict the turning point. For example, it is possible to only take one buy or sell position only. When you take one position, you can use the pair trading signal as the primary confirmation and then you can use other secondary confirmation techniques to accomplish your trading decision. On the other hands, you can use the pair trading signal as the secondary confirmation techniques and then you can use your other technical or fundamental analysis as the primary confirmation. One thing you have to note here is that your other techniques to be used together with our pair trading signal should be based on the mean reversion trading because pair trading is based on the mean reversion trading principle too.

You can have a look at this manual from the link. This manual was written for Pairs Trading Station. This manual focuses on taking the hedging position between buying and selling two highly correlated instruments. The manual includes how to use the basic features of Pairs Trading station like buttons and input settings. In addition, it also teach you how to interpret the spread for your trading. As we have mentioned before, once you can interpret the spread, then you can combine the spread analysis with other secondary confirmation techniques.

Here is the landing page for Pairs Trading Station in MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader5.

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Pairs Trading Indicator

Pairs Trading Indicator

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