Never Trade with Subjective Price Pattern

When you trade in Forex and Stock market, the subjectivity is the biggest enemy of your trading performance. When you trade with price patterns, this is not an exception. Trading with a loosely defined price pattern can get you a lot of trouble in trading.

When you do not define the structure of price pattern properly, you are likely entering into messy situation with your trading. You will start to overfit or to underfit the pattern in the wrong place of your chart. Never do that. You can not measure your trading performance and hence, you will not going any where.

Always keep track of the structure of winning price patterns. Next time, you apply them the same right structure of that winning pattern. This will lead to consistent success rate over long run.

Below article about X3 Pattern framework shows the best way of keeping your winning price patterns in your pocket.

These tools below are automatic price pattern detector. These tools are also aligned together with above articles.

Harmonic Pattern Scenario planner

It is an advanced Harmonic Pattern indicator. On top of the features of Harmonic Pattern Plus, you can also predict future harmonic patterns through simulation. This is the tactical harmonic pattern tool designed for Professional harmonic pattern trader. Because of affordable price, this harmonic pattern detection indicator is loved by many traders.

Profitable Pattern Scanner

This is our next generation profitable Pattern Detector. This is non-repainting and non-lagging Harmonic Pattern Indicator. On top of that, this tool can detect Elliott Wave Pattern and X3 Patterns. It can detect over 20 profitable patterns. The bonus is that you can also detect around 52 Japanese candlestick patterns.

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