Fractal Pattern Indicator Version 7.6 Released

Today, we have just released Fractal Pattern Indicator Version 7.6. In this new version,  we have made one big step with our Fractal Pattern Indicator.  In Version 7.6, we have added Fractal Market Profile. Fractal Market Profile is the brand new concept of drawing Market Profile after the price series are transformed using Peak Trough Transformation. In another words, we are turning normal Market Profile into Fractal Market Profile. What is better with Fractal Market Profile comparing to normal Market Profile ? The ultimate advantage of Fractal Market Profile is that it provide you the price profile information highly synchronous to Peak and Trough in price series.

Trader love peak and trough analysis. We draw a lot of profits from them. Now market Profile synced with peak trough analysis. You can use all the strategies and tricks you were using with normal market profile at the same time, you have the chance of incorporating peak and trough analysis in your strategy.

Do not forget that Fractal Pattern Indicator provides the powerful probability measurement for turning point for its main features. With this main feature + Fractal Market Profile together, you would be make highly intellectual trading decision.

Enjoy the most advanced trading technology existing in the world. For the best trading performance, make sure to download the latest version 7.6 of Fractal Pattern Indicator.

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