Fractal Moving Average Indicator – Free MetaTrader Indicator Release

We have released Fractal Moving Average Indicator for free. In fact, this indicator was built as the part of  Fractal Pattern Indicator to save some computation.

Anyway this indicator is distributed for free. Hence, every Metatrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 users can use this free Fractal Moving Average Indicator. This indicator will provide you moving average cross over and moving average cross down signals.

For free users, there are some limitation. Hence, do use it if you understand the possible limitation. Here is the landing page of Fractal Moving Average Indicator

For Fractal Pattern Indicator users, you can access to all the features of Fractal Moving Average indicator. Therefore, if you are Fractal Pattern Indicator users, then you must download this tool to connect the opportunity of turning point to momentum possibly.

Here is the landing page to our  Fractal Pattern Indicator.

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