Trading Signal with Turning Point Probability

Fractal Pattern Scanner provides the turning point probability in time and price. It provides unique trading opportunity that typical trading strategy does not offer. Most of trading strategy does not concern time factor. But we do in the Fractal Pattern Scanner.

To help your trading with Fractal Pattern Scanner, here is the brief comparison of trading signal between turning point probability and typical momentum trading strategy.

The key difference between turning point probability and typical momentum trading strategy is in their timing. Turning point probability will provide much early warning before the arrival of the actual turning point (= birth of new trend). Typically momentum strategy will provide much late warning after the turning point.

With turning point probability, you can be ready before arrival of turning point. That is really important advantage for your trading. With this advantage, you should try to enter as near as the turning point. At the same time, you should make efforts to catch the momentum phase of trend, which is coming after turning point.

Hence, we provide both Fractal Moving Average Indicator + Fibonacci Probability Grid in price and time as an additional set of tools you can use in your trading.

You can also check the attached diagram to support your understanding on the advantage of turning point signal.

For your information, knowledge of Harmonic Pattern, Elliott Wave Pattern and X3 patterns are the added skills in your trading with turning point.

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